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‘It was genuinely one of the best team building days I’ve ever attended, especially Shanni’s mindful art workshop’.




– BHCC employee

‘I really enjoyed the different tasks, was a very engaging experience.

Thanks for bringing all the materials and making a play list – like your style😊’ –




- Senior Health Improvement Specialist

‘your art workshop – it was absolutely brilliant and has given me a stronger insight into not only your amazing art and teaching skills but also echoing what you said about everyone having a bit of art in them.

I was surprised at how quickly I got into the zone – as it were – and it felt utterly and instantly calming to experiment with colour, textures, application from tool to paper in an organic way.
I’ve never done anything like that before so thanks for the opportunity’.




- Health Trainer BHCC

A big thank you for putting together the art workshop for the away day........

For me this was the only activity that really felt like we were embracing The Five Ways and really dropping into some mindful activity.

I loved the whole approach and set up and your thought and effort that went into it. Ideally would have liked more time (always the way).-



-Community Health Trainer & Stop Smoking Practitioner

HeART Path

Creative Arts and Drawing Workshops.



Sessions from 1 – 3 hours


Workshops up to 12 people

from £200-£500 per hour.
(+ £100 materials cost per workshop)


Sliding scale quotes to suit your organisation:
Voluntary and Public sector.
To discuss your organisation's specific needs, please contact me directly.

I really look forward to hearing from you.




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